ATS Canada 2018: Day One Breaks Records

ATS Canada 2018: Day One Breaks Records

ATS Canada kicked off with much pomp and circumstance. Organizer of ATS Canada and CEO of JP Communications Jason Prescott, kicked off the ribbon cutting ceremony by sharing some record-breaking numbers. ATS Canada has welcomed, “Over 6,000 registered attendees, 500 different booths, and 17 different regions,” to the third year of the show. In the end, he promised that the next three days are going to be, “very exciting”.

Mr. Prescott was joined by Ms. Sue Ruth, the Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner from Service of Global Affairs Canada to welcome everyone to the show. Ambassador Lu Shaye, from The People’s Republic of China in Canada, participated in the opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

The affair was joined by many other notable guests, such as: Dinesh Bahita, the Consulate General of India, Mizanur Rahman, High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Canada, Andrii Veselovskyi, consulate General of Ukraine to Toronto, H.E. Mr. Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner for Pakistan to Canada, Mr. Steve Tipton, Executive Director of TFO Canada, Mr. Wu Zhengping, Director General of the Foreign Trade Development Bureau for the China Ministry of Commerce from the People’s Republic of China. And, lastly, they were joined by Cao Jiachang, Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles and Apparel.

Trade Policy Update

One of the highly anticipated seminars of the show was held earlier today by the Executive Director of the Canadian Apparel Federation, Bob Kirke. Trade War has been a very hot topic, due to the current political climate. But, Canada is a place that still holds opportunity. Mr. Kirke, emphasized that, “There’s never been a more universal support of free trade in Canada.” There’s a lot of talk about tariffs, quotas, etc. in the world, but at the end of the day, when it comes to Canada, “We care more about innovation, than protectionism.”

Therefore, what is the problem with trade? Bob Kirke explains that Canada’s, “domestic manufacturing of goods is tethered to NAFTA”. This leaves much weight in this agreement’s hands; Julie Hughes, President of the United States Fashion Industry Association, emphasized the importance, explaining that fashion runways are only the half of the apparel industry, eliminating the global tariffs and quotas are a much more pressing issue. It can feel like an Insurmountable task to change the political climate enough to end the special protection for textiles and apparel. But, and CAFTA represent NAFTA 76% of the duty-free apparel imports so it makes it almost incomprehensible to think that we cannot come to a collective solution.

Welcome China Brands Show to ATSC

China Brands Show made its Canadian debut at ATS Canada today with Avenue. Avenue is the exhibit in which established Chinese brands showcased their newest styles to a new market. This is an important time as China has set their sights on Canada as a new market amidst the trade war with the United States. In fact, China has a commitment to establishing free trade with Canada. In addition, Canada’s burgeoning apparel industry is looking for imports that will satisfy market demands.

Day one is under our belts, but don’t miss day two. There will be more matchmaking, seminars and the much-anticipated fashion show! Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

Author: Christine Duff

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