ATSC post-show report, come see the best in the industry

The ATSC (Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada) tradeshow: started with the largest number of pre-registered guests.   There were three hundred exhibitors and thousands of visitors over the three-day show. 


Canada has the 2nd largest area of the world’s countries with a population of 38 million people; 24 million people being between the ages of 15 – 65 years old.   The greater population of Toronto, 6.2 million of which Toronto proper is 2.7 million.     

Compare these to Shanghai, one of the busiest apparel sourcing destinations for tradeshows, with a population of 26.3 million people. 

In addition, domestic travel costs more in Canada than traveling to the U.S.A. or International destinations.   Everything needs to be kept in perspective when you look at the Canadian apparel sourcing industry and associated costs.  

I am grateful that I had the privilege of attending over 200 trade shows around the world and over 100 tradeshows in Asia.  

With some of the biggest tradeshows being over one million square feet (Shanghai and Guangzhou, China), it is a great accomplishment to see everything in three days.  

In addition, some would say there are too many exhibitors at these large tradeshows, offering quantity over quality.   As well, the international presence at the larger regional shows is at a minimum.  There is much value in a smaller international tradeshow.

Some observers attending the apparel sourcing tradeshows in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) with a total population of 8.6 million people and Shaoxing (Keqiao), China with a population of 8.1 million, noted that both shows did not have the quality, breadth, or depth of exhibitors as the ATSC tradeshow.  

ATSC Information

The ATSC was a tight show with a smaller floor to cover with quality exhibitors.  It was a more personal experience, to move easily throughout the show and speak with more exhibitors.

There was full-time staff to help with all areas of the show including but not limited to: 

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The high-level of the seminars, speaker engagement, fashion show, trend area, and audience participation was best in class.  I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the ATSC tradeshow.  

Tradeshow Participants

It is important for all participants in a tradeshow to be proactively engaged by taking responsibility to promote the tradeshow and highlight their participation.

Tradeshows are a group affair and everyone needs to involved in the community and its success. Thanks to all tradeshow partners and participants for their involvement in ATSC.


If you are an apparel sourcing professional and within an arms reach (less than five hours of flight travel) of Toronto, you should be at the ATSC show.   This applies to all apparel professionals in the USA and Canada.  

Happy sourcing from everyone at Apparel Textile Sourcing. 

Author: Jeffrey Clark

A management professional with 25 years global experience working with fortune 500 and speciality brands, specializing in lean manufacturing, product, supply chain management, procurement, sourcing, and operations. Proven proactive leadership, vision, creative, and successful strategic business skills to drive revenue and profit growth in highly competitive domestic and global markets. A strong relationship builder, functions effectively as an integral member of a cohesive senior executive team. Proven ability to source, identify and capitalize on emerging trends and niche market opportunities.