ATSG post-show report – The best suppliers brought to you

The ATSG (Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany) would like to thank all the industry professionals, buyers, and suppliers who participated in the launch of our Berlin, Germany tradeshow. 

The intent of the show was to bring together the best manufacturers in the industry from around the globe in a smaller, more personal environment. Inspiring, educating, and mentoring everyone at the show by providing best-in-class complementary presentations and a top-notch fashion show.

There were 250 manufacturers (exhibitors) that participated in the three-day show, traveling from all over the world to meet customers and buyers from all over Europe. 

Some of the highlights:


World-class manufacturers participated in the tradeshow, looking to meet with their current clients to discuss on-going production orders and future business.    

As well, they hoped to meet new buyers who were looking to qualify, validate, and vet new vendors. As well, explore the latest and greatest partners in fashion.    

A buyer reviewing their product needs and technical specifications with this manufacturer.
Another buyer taking notes and gathering information on products he liked by this particular manufacturer.


There were top professionals from Europe and the USA, who presented topics and needs for growing businesses in this ever-changing marketplace.  

If you were at the show on day three, you had the opportunity and pleasure of listening to Sal Khokhar, Marc Sidler, and Nikhil Hirdaramani present “The Importance of Sustainability in the European Fashion Industry”.  

If you missed this presentation and would like to watch it online, please check out the ATSG Facebook live page.

Nikhil Hirdaramani. Director of the Hirdaramani Group, a family-owned diversified conglomerate whose core business is the manufacture of apparel through its factories in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. 

The presentation discussed why the fashion industry needs to be sustainable. A case study on the sustainability story of the Hirdaramani Group explored current trends in sustainable practices across the industry.

The Group also has interests in the Leisure, Retail, Renewables, Capital, Services, and Philanthropy.

Marc Sidler, Group CMO for Testex, provided comprehensive information about the OEKO-TEX® product portfolio. This includes their latest innovation – GMO (genetically modified organism) testing technology for cotton.

During the presentation, Marc spoke about Testex, Oeko-Tex and their triple bottom line of “Planet, Profit, and People”. He highlighted that this is in their DNA.

Nikhil talked about how he and his family were inspired by the movie The Inconvenient Truth in 2006 that drove them to create sustainability in their everyday business.

Fashion Show

The fashion show stage had a lot of attention and excitement with the latest fashions from local German designers, international brands, and ATSG exhibitors highlighting their trends and innovations.

The fashion show had a full house with a lot of people standing. Many in the audience had their camera or phone in hand to record the latest styles coming down the runway.

It was great to see the professionalism, organization, and show management from all involved.


If you are an apparel sourcing professional and within an arms reach (less than five hours of travel) of Berlin, you should check out the ATSG show.

Happy sourcing from everyone at Apparel Textile Sourcing team. 

Author: Jeffrey Clark

A management professional with 25 years global experience working with fortune 500 and speciality brands, specializing in lean manufacturing, product, supply chain management, procurement, sourcing, and operations. Proven proactive leadership, vision, creative, and successful strategic business skills to drive revenue and profit growth in highly competitive domestic and global markets. A strong relationship builder, functions effectively as an integral member of a cohesive senior executive team. Proven ability to source, identify and capitalize on emerging trends and niche market opportunities.