ATSV and China’s Zhejiang Province Partner for Success

Apparel Textile Sourcing Virtual Trade Show (ATSV) is delighted to showcase over 50 suppliers from the province of Zhejiang in Mainland China.   Zhejiang is calling this event the 2020 ZHEJIANG EXPORT ONLINE FAIR (America-textile)

This premier virtual event of its kind in the apparel and textile industry debuts from May 25-29 and will feature in all, over 100 manufacturers and more than a dozen industry expert sessions.

Zhejiang Province

We all know the importance of Zhejiang as China’s leading province for manufacturing of apparel, textiles, accessories, and trims.    

ATSV will take you for a virtual trip to visit Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Tonglu, Taizhou, Huzhou, Shengzhou, Jiashan, and Zhuji.   Normally a trip to all these regions to visit these suppliers would take weeks.   At ATSV you can visit all regions and suppliers in a single-day.  

The province of Zhejiang is constantly evolving and innovating with the early start back in 130 B.C. with the creation of the Silk Road.  

Zhejiang aims to strengthen intelligent manufacturing by focusing on small batch, multiple varieties with fast delivery and high quality.   Paying attention about the importance of speed to market, they can provide the required fabrics in 24 hours.  

A key importance is innovation, research, and development to keep up the customers changing business needs.   At the factory they are focused on constant improvement, always looking at ways to improve the production flow by upgrading their technology.  

Zhejiang businesses are known for the comprehensive strength, creativity, paying attention to the trends in brand design, focused on the product, the packaging, and marketing.   This has helped them lead the way when showing their new designs at world-famous fashion weeks.  

CCPIT Yuecheng in cooperation with Yuecheng District is bringing over 25 companies to attend the ATSV.    They welcome you to join the premier online, exclusive, international fashion marketplace. 

This is a great opportunity for your company to gain a competitive edge on the other companies who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. As a leader in the fashion industry, you MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

For China and the world, the new Silk Road means the destination of the soul and even the infinite desire and opportunity. Throughout the millennium, the Silk Road needs us to be working together for a new chapter and building the future together!

To attend ATSV and meet the manufacturers of Zhejiang Province you can register for free by going to

Author: Jeffrey Clark

A management professional with 25 years global experience working with fortune 500 and speciality brands, specializing in lean manufacturing, product, supply chain management, procurement, sourcing, and operations. Proven proactive leadership, vision, creative, and successful strategic business skills to drive revenue and profit growth in highly competitive domestic and global markets. A strong relationship builder, functions effectively as an integral member of a cohesive senior executive team. Proven ability to source, identify and capitalize on emerging trends and niche market opportunities.