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Future of Fashion to be Unveiled at ATSC 2018

Future of Fashion to be Unveiled at ATSC 2018

Everyone always wants to know what’s NEXT- what does the future hold? This especially holds true in the world of apparel and textiles. In an industry that thrives on innovation, we have created daring cuts, styles, prints and garment fabrications….

Canadian Apparel Federation x ATSC

Canadian Apparel Federation x ATSC

At the Apparel Textile Sourcing Show- Canada, seminars are held on everything from sustainability, to influencers, to governmental issues. This August 20thfrom 1-2pm the Canadian Apparel Federation will highlight Canada’s trade policy update by CAF’s executive director Bob Kirke. Canadian…

The Countdown is on to ATS-C 2018!

The Countdown is on to ATS-C 2018!

They say that, “There’s no rest for the wicked.” In reality, there’s no rest for the Apparel Textile Sourcing team. On the heels of their success from the inaugural ATS-Miami, Jason Prescott, the and team have poured a few…

The China Brand Show to Make Debut at ATSC

China Brand Show to Make Debut at ATSC

This Summer will mark Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada’s third consecutive year at the International Centre in Toronto. The show has made a name for itself because of its ability to bring both the domestic and international apparel industry under one…

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YouTube is not just for cat videos, annoying ads that don’t let you skip, or a black hole in which you watch the entire music video library for an artist in the span of an afternoon. That is because Apparel…

Apparel Textile Sourcing Takes Mexico

Apparel Textile Sourcing Takes Mexico

This past Wednesday, Jason Prescott, CEO of JP Communications and producer of ATS-C and ATS-M trade shows, presented to Mexican Apparel & Textile Manufacturers featuring Pro Mexico, CANAIVE and EXINTEX in Mexico City. One goal of the trade shows is not…

Singing the NAFTA Blues: Levi’s, Apparel and Trade

Singing the NAFTA Blues: Levi’s and the Future of Apparel Trade

A change in government always brings a change in which a nation conducts business.  This may come in the form of bills, policy and of course trade. In the last year, trade has suffered the most back in forth and…

NAFTA's future up for debate

NAFTA’s Future Still Up For Debate

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is actually the world’s largest Free Trade Agreement. In its 2,000 pages, eight sections and 22 chapters, it ties the two developed nations with an emerging market for the first time.  Together, the…

Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada 2017 Recap

In month of August 2016, the first ever Apparel Textile Sourcing Show (ATSC) was presented by and in Toronto, Canada. Since 2011 the Canadian apparel industry had been gaining traction. Jason Prescott, CEO of JP Communications, saw the lack of resources that…

Canada Could be a Gateway to the North American Markets for India

This year at the Apparel Textile Sourcing Show Canada (ATSC) India was highly represented due to a partnership with TFO Canada. Next year they are expecting to expand their reach even further with approximately 50 exhibitors in partnership with North American…

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