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Mauritius: The New Sourcing Destination

Mauritius: The Next Sourcing Destination

Mauritius has emerged as an economic leader of the African nations. In 2017, the African Economic platform (AEP) was established, and they advocated for African-made goods and promoted trade across the continent. Now, new attention is deeming them the next…

Recycled Uniforms in 2020

Japan’s Olympians Will Wear Recycled Uniforms in 2020

Not everyone can qualify for the Olympics, but everyone can participate in the fanfare of it all. In fact, if you’re in Japan, your recycled clothing could end up on the backs of your favorite Olympian. From Recyled to Center…

China's Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China’s Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China has joined the global sustainable effort towards a green supply chain. Previously, two of China’s cities made the list of top 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Above all,…

Luxury Apparel: The New Wave

Luxury Apparel: The New Wave

Luxury had a steady growth trajectory in 2018 and is one of the most optimistic sectors in apparel for the coming year, according to the McKinsey State of Fashion 2019 Report. Interestingly enough, in an industry fraught with rising costs…

influencer marketing

#Influenced: The Reach of Influencer Marketing

The way we consume media has changed. A massive social media boom has led consumers away from print magazines and other traditional forms of finding products and trends. More than ever, Instagram, fashion blogs, and other social channels are becoming…

Wearable Tech Bridges Apparel and Healthcare

Wearable Tech Bridges Apparel and Healthcare

Wearable technology is no longer elusive. Apple watches and fitness trackers show consumers that what you wear should have a purpose beyond basic functionality. Now, the market is ready and eager for these advancements. Wearable Tech Goes Mainstream Interestingly enough,…

Inside a Possible U.S-Japan Free Trade Agreement

Inside a Possible U.S-Japan Free Trade Agreement

The United States is following the European Union’s lead in negotiating a free trade agreement with Japan. Almost two years ago the U.S. withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). While Japan remains in the deal, the U.S is looking to…

Living Coral is 2019's Color of the Year

Living Coral is 2019’s Color of the Year

Can you express the overarching mood of an entire culture through just a color? Pantone believes so. As a result, they announced Living Coral as its color of the year. Now, the shade whose slight golden hue exudes warmth and…

Spinnova To Launch New Sustainable Textile

Spinnova To Launch New Sustainable Textile

Finnish textile company Spinnova just erected a new pilot factory in a matter of months and is prepared to launch a new textile to the market. This wood-pulp derivative is the latest eco-friendly fiber of the future.

New Provisions for Textiles and Apparel Under USMCA

Regulations for Textiles Under USMCA

On November 30th, 2018, all three North American leaders signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) into effect. Bringing jobs to America and preventing further outsourcing is the primary objective of the new trade agreement. So far, regulations to the farming,…

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