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Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany Blog

ATSG post-show report – The best suppliers brought to you

The ATSG (Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany) would like to thank all the industry professionals, buyers, and suppliers who participated in the launch of our Berlin, Germany tradeshow.  The intent of the show was to bring together the best manufacturers in…

Day two – ATSG; the best place to be for Fashion Sourcing

Thanks to the attendees and partners that came out to support leading exhibitors from around the world at the ATSG (Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany) trade show. I was impressed by the organizers, the quality of exhibitors, the presentations, matchmaking, and…

Day One – ATSG, It’s all about sourcing the right suppliers

It was great to see all the attendees on the opening day of the ATSG (Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany) tradeshow at the Estrel Berlin – Hotel & Congress Center.  With exhibitors from around the world (China, Bangladesh, and India) showcasing…

Apparel Textile Sourcing Berlin pre-show Intelligence

Welcome to the ATSG (Apparel Textile Sourcing Germany) pre-show report. This report highlights what’s happening during the show, seminars, special events, the latest trends, and innovations. The day before the show was busy with exhibitors getting set up and prepared…

EU/US Tariffs Sparks Concern

EU/US Tariffs Sparks Concern

What do cheese, nuts, and wine have in common? First and foremost, they are the critical components alongside a great charcuterie board. Second, they are now a portion of U.S. published list of European imports that are subject to tariffs….

Free Trade with the European Union

Free Trade with the European Union

The parameters of free trade between nations have been in flux. The U.S- China trade war continues to leave an air of uncertainty amongst the countries. Although, despite not having waved the white flag, the U.S is attempting to forge…

EU Bans Four Chemicals Found in Apparel and Textiles

EU Bans Four Chemicals Found in Apparel and Textiles

The European Union has the most extensive regulations on chemical use in the world. The European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) went into practice in 2007. So, REACH has been reducing consumer, worker, and environmental…

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