China’s Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China's Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China has joined the global sustainable effort towards a green supply chain. Previously, two of China’s cities made the list of top 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Above all, cheap production reigned supreme. Although at Textile Talk at Texworld USA, Yan Yan, director of the China Textile Information Center and Office of Social Responsibility said otherwise.

Yan Yan spoke of China’s new initiatives and desire for a green supply chain within the fashion and textile industries. Sourcing Journal Online shared her words about China’s future, “The three labels [Technology, Fashion, and Green] can make our textile and apparel industry have a new image. We want to offer a better life and better cost-effective production to the whole world.”

A Green Global Supply Chain

She continued, “We have a five-year plan to have a green industry environment.” This plan comes at a time of a worldwide shift in standards regarding sustainability. The EU recently banned four more chemicals from the apparel production process. Now, China looks to regulate the use of chemicals more closely. As a result, by 2020, 26,000 chemicals will be registered in a database with compliance information.

In 2018, the Law of Environmental Protection Tax was behind the massive factory shutdown across the nation. Next, comes the Soil Pollution and Prevention and Control Law. As a consequence, this law will put a halt to the factories that impose a negative impact on its local environment.

Regional Collaboration

The new legislation Yan Yan is excited for is the Sustainable Belt and Road Effort. Through the bill, a full collaboration between Asian nations to create sustainability practices in the region. Similarly GIZ, China’s German partner for eco-friendly development, signed a MoU. At this point, “Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Pakistan signed on to promote responsible supply chains at a regional level.”

Meanwhile, these efforts are catching the attention of international investment and stakeholders. Ultimately, China’s new green supply chain will dramatically reduce environmental impact. However, it will also allow China to create the global presence they so desire.

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