Gen Z Discovers Apparel Through Amazon

Gen Z Discovers Apparel Through Amazon

According to Sourcing Journal Online, a growing number of teens cite Amazon as their “favorite shopping website.” In fact, a report from Elite SEM uncovered that Amazon is where 72 percent of Gen Z women find new brands. Even so, 63 percent of ALL of Gen Z discover new brands through the e-commerce giant. CMO of Elite SEM Dalton Dorne shared, “Gen Z women are unlike any generation before them, and brands who don’t understand how to create relationships with them are setting themselves up for a rough ride.”

This claim debunks Forbes original statement that the experience-driven Generation Z wasn’t so taken with Amazon. Since Amazon is not a social media-based shopping experience, Forbes believed that they would be a tough audience to capture. 

Capturing Gen Z

It turns out, Amazon is one of their go-to sources for discovering new apparel brands, reported Business Insider. Moreover, this is true for the upper-income cohort of teens ranging from ages 13-19. Upper-income males cite Amazon as their favorite place to buy apparel, while females also listed trendier stores such as Fashion Nova, Forever 21 and American Eagle. 

So, what exactly is attracting the younger audience’s fickle attention? Above all, this generation doesn’t remember a time without the internet. They’re used to having the world at their fingertips. It’s no secret they want everything to be available with a quick search or click of a button. Amazon’s vast marketplace provides them this. Also, Amazon’s speedy shipping drives them to forego purchasing directly from brands if it means a longer wait. Even so, Forbes shared that Amazon’s “customer-driven” return policy also pushes them to take risks on lesser-known brands and apparel pieces. 

Ultimately, Gen Z is rising in the ranks of purchasing power. Retail Dive found that as a collective they spend $77 billion a year. This number boils down to roughly $2,600 annually per person. Interestingly enough, Amazon has been under fire for making it impossible for brands, especially small ones, to compete. Now, it seems that working in alignment with Amazon may be vital to capitalizing on Generation Z’s attention and disposable income. 

Author: Christine Duff

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