Marketing Mania: Driving Fashion Sales

Fashion is fickle. Fashion is ever-changing. And, fashion is over-saturated with talent with designers from all over the world. So in a field so competitive and cut-throat, how does one drive sales and create repeat customers? One answer to that is marketing. It may just be a nine-letter word, but it is one that stands between a clothing line’s success and is a predictor of whether it makes its way into the closets of hundreds, thousands or millions. That being said, marketing cannot be done in a haphazard or random way. Efforts must be concentrated and intentional with regards to branding, particularly the visuals and copy.

 What They See

 In this day and age everyone and everything needs a clear and concise brand identity. Social media has exposed the masses to more people, products and companies than they would have had the opportunity to interact with previously. Due to this it is much easier to get lost amongst all of the madness and one must make themselves stand out. The way you walk, talk, speak, dress is all a part of your personal brand. When someone hears your voice and sees your style, they immediately know it is you. So why would you treat your company any different? Identify what your brand’s personality is and then figure out what visuals from fonts, colors, web-layout, photos, advertisements and products themselves will convey this.

What They Hear

You’ve got your visuals; the photos and the website are screaming your brand identity. But, do not stop there! You must convey your message both visually and verbally. Copy is the best opportunity to showcase your brand’s voice and allow it to speak to the potential customer. Also, who is this customer and how do they communicate? You want to be able to speak to them in a way that feels familiar. Words have the way of connecting people to other people, places and things. They are very powerful and are not to be taken lightly. If you do not know how to speak your customer, you risk losing them altogether.


Consumers want connection; they want to see themselves in your brand. If you do not have a clear identity in which others can relate, you may get a sale, but not a lasting customer. Really analyze your target market to conclude what they want to see and hear. If you can do this, then you can create a relationship that goes beyond sales numbers and wardrobe pieces. Instead, you’ve created a community.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

Storytelling is my passion in life, whether through words across a page, a styled outfit that speaks volumes, or directing a photoshoot that expresses it visually. I live my life driven by my love of people, art, and the pursuit of happiness.