Oscars So Pink: A Color Story

Oscars So Pink: A Color Story

As the awards show season came to an end, the Oscar’s red carpet is what left a lasting impression. Many may not remember who won Best Supporting Actress, or Best Screenplay. But, they remember the fashion. Although, it wasn’t just a noteworthy gown or tux that had everyone buzzing. Instead, it was a specific color- pink.

“From millennial pink to fiery fuchsia, the gorgeous shade was all over and made appearances on everything from full gowns to accessories, like earrings, clutches, and more,” Allure Magazine emphasized.

A Departure from 2018

Gemma Chan stunned in hot pink, wearing a high-neck puckered Valentino gown. A gown in which apparently she hid cookies in its pockets on the red carpet. Next Kasey Musgraves donned a princess- like cotton candy pink Giambattista Valli gown and Angela Basset wore a one-shouldered vibrant pink mermaid silhouette. Then, Jason Momoa wore a pink scrunchie around his wrist while presenting an award.

Above all, these unique ensembles are only a fraction of the sea of rosy looks to grace the red carpet. These choices are in stark contrast to last year’s pick of color: black.

Pink- A Sign of Optimism?

Last year, both men and women wore black in support of the Time’s Up and #MeToo, the movements against sexual assault and in support of women’s empowerment. The outing of Harvey Weinstein and stories surfacing of abuse within the filmmaking industry left a somber air around the award’s show season.

“2018 was marked by an awards season where fashion took a back burner to more pressing topics. On the Golden Globes, red carpet celebrities stepped out almost exclusively in black in solidarity with Time’s Up, many with activists on their arm. Actresses like Evan Rachel Wood donned suit after suit throughout the events season in solidarity with the #MeToo movement.”

-Harper’s Bazaar

Color Tells a Story

Ultimately, the power of color is profound. It can signify a movement, change a mood, and signify a new era. The emergence of pink on the red carpet showed that. Harpers Bazaar stated, “It’s time to celebrate the small victories—a more diverse nominee pool, the ability of women to join forces like never before to change the landscape of Hollywood. There’s still work to be done, but that work can be done in ruffles and florals and pink.”

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Author: Christine Duff

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