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Optimizing your Supply Chain for Compliance, Waste Minimization & Sustainable Sourcing

May 30, 2019
11:15  -  12:00
Main Stage

Sustainability is one of the most talked about topics in the apparel and textile industry today. But what really is sustainability and how do brands take steps towards optimizing their supply chain and business practices?

This expert panel will dive into some of the most prominent issues facing brand owners, sourcing professionals, designers, and product developers to date. Moderating the panel is Clay E. Hickson, Senior Vice President at Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). Our panelists include Katherine Stein, Director of Business Development at SGS, and Gabriella Smith, Founder of the UpCycle Project.

Together our panelists will discuss how to minimize waste, screening vendors to ensure your supply chain is compliant with international standards, how to embracing sustainability as an operational philosophy that can help reduce cost, and what other brands and retailers are doing to implement sustainable practices into their business models.

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