NAFTA & How Canada Can Benefit

August 23, 2016
4:00 PM  -  5:00 PM

The seminar on NAFTA and How Canadian Business Can Benefit will be presented by Rodrigo Contreras, the Trade & Investment Commissioner of Mexico, based in Toronto Canada.  Since his arrival to PROMEXICO in 2008, Rodrigo has held the positions of Trade & Investment Commissioner of Mexico in Shanghai, Executive Director for Investor Relations, Executive Director for Investment Projects and Investment Project Coordinator, all of which have allowed him to gain the confidence of foreign investors and global corporations, that have invested in Mexico.  Mr. Contreras is the ideal international business leader based in Toronto to present the benefits and detail why Canadian business should better utilize Mexican imports.

Previous positions related to Foreign Direct Investment Promotion and Strategic Investments have further led Mr. Contreras to his position and knowledge base on this topic.  He has also contributed in the academic sector, lecturing in areas related to investment project analysis, management and international business.  He has a degree in International Business Management and also has studies in business, finance, economic development and technology management.