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Size North America – Addressing Fit Issues Using 3D Avatars, AI and Human Solutions Technologies

August 20, 2019
4:00  -  4:45
Fashion Lab

Fit issues and resulting returns have been a hot topic in the apparel industry for a while now. Year after year, “Fit Experts” have been analyzing the same data in the same way and achieving the same poor results. The population has changed, and it is no longer sufficient to use outdated body scans mixed with other questionable data sources to create accurate size tables. A real solution has not been available – Until now. Humans Solutions has completed Size NorthAmerica and delivered first results disrupting the apparel industry. For the first time ever, body scans of a millimeter precision can be correlated to over 60 demographic questions (e.g. Income, shopping habits, etc.) and over 150 body measurements allowing companies to better understand their customers and increase market shares.

In this presentation, Human Solutions will show how Size NorthAmerica data can be used to optimize size tables. Those analyses can translate to new ways of generating 3D avatars and other assets using AI and Human Solutions unique technology.

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