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Andre Luebke

General Manager

Andre Luebke has worked at Human Solutions for over 12 years, 10 years of that time at Human Solutions of North America.

He oversees all operations at Human Solutions of North America including Fashion Software Products, Body Scanning products, and the RAMSIS Digital Human Modelling software. He supports the North American, South American and Australian/New Zealand market.

Human Solution’s wide customer base in the US includes everyone from the Big 3 auto manufacturers to innovative start-ups. As well as, Silicon Valley tech companies, aircraft companies like SpaceX, and industrial vehicles manufacturers like John Deere.  He also works closely with many apparel and retail companies on the fashion side of his business.

The latest project by the Human Solutions team that has been making some waves in the market is the Size NorthAmerica (Size NA) National Size Survey, supplying new information of the actual body shape of the North American population. Results that are desperately needed to improve sizing tables and other industry-wide standards.

Andre has supported different projects in the fashion, automotive and body scanning industries, as well as anthropometric studies for the defense industry. He works closely with the Defense industry and research institutes like AFRL, Natick Soldier Center, DSTG Australia, and DRDC Canada

He studied Civil Engineering at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and holds a Dipl. Ing. Degree.


August 20, 2019
Size North America – Addressing Fit Issues Using 3D Avatars, AI and Human Solutions Technologies
Fashion Lab
4:00  -  4:45
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