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Hector Garcia

Social Media Marketing Wiz

Hector Garcia has been a consummate entrepreneur and Venture capitalist For the last 17 years, presently owning nine different businesses ranging from arts and culture to fashion, and from  Tech startups to  PR and marketing agency.  He regularly lectures at universities, Chamber of Commerce, and startup incubators, preaching the efficiency and profitability of digital marketing and digital sales.

Using  Innovation in social media and digital marketing in His most recent business endeavors, Hector has regularly Increased both sales and awareness by 30% to 180% For his businesses in short periods of time.  Hector’s latest entrepreneurial project is the development of a growth engine algorithm which can be  Applied to any social media platform thereby growing it organically with highly targeted and organic followers.  Using this growth algorithm as the anchor for his new business, Hector started the RKTR AGENCY offering young entrepreneurs and startups an inexpensive and effective way to market their services and products.


May 29, 2019
Fashion Talks – Why is Social Media so important to the Fashion Industry?
Fashion Lab
11:15  -  12:00
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