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Analucia Beltran

Global Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson for Korite Jewellery
Lucy Beltran is from Lima, Peru. She left Peru when she was 20 years old to make her dreams come true. After sailing the world and working on cruise ships for a decade, she moved to Canada and became a proud Canadian Citizen (a dream of her mother).

She is a TV. Host and Gemstone expert with over 12 years of experience in the Luxury Goods Industry and has been a television Guest Host for TV Networks such as TSC (The Shopping Channel) in Canada, EVINE Live in the USA and TVSN in Australia.

Lucy became the Global Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson for Korite Jewellery, currently traveling the world representing Korite Ammolite, Canada’s National Gemstone and one of the rarest, most luxurious and exotic gemstones in the entire world on television and special events worldwide”.


August 20, 2019
Customer is Always Right: Building Brands To Resonate with Todays Consumers
Main Stage
3:00  -  3:45
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