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Patrick Li

KOY GEAR’s wardrobe essentials deliver at the intersection of technical innovation and basic style; and has validated the demand of this market with a successfully ran Kickstarter campaign. Patrick specializes in product development and overseas manufacturing. He is fascinated by material science from carbide to textile – and is passionate about basketball.
KOY Gear (KG) is a technical clothing company which combines thoughtful design with material innovations to build exceptional clothing for everyday life. As we dive deep into understanding customers’ needs and desires, KG aims to create products with meticulous attention to detail. From product designs and manufacturing to customer service, KOY Gear aims to Defy Expectations and set a new standard for clothing companies in the eyes of consumers.


August 20, 2019
Secrets and Struggles of Sourcing Panel – The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University
Fashion Lab
1:15  -  2:00
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