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Gen Z Discovers Apparel Through Amazon

Gen Z Discovers Apparel Through Amazon

According to Sourcing Journal Online, a growing number of teens cite Amazon as their “favorite shopping website.” In fact, a report from Elite SEM uncovered that Amazon is where 72 percent of Gen Z women find new brands. Even so,…

Is Coachella the New Fashion Week(ends)?

Coachella- The New Fashion Week(ends)?

Despite being preceded by South by Southwest (SXSW) and Ultra Music Festival, Coachella marks the official start of “festival season.” Now, it is considered “in style” to attend these events. Ultimately, this is where the influencers of social media, music,…

The Good Fight: Counterfeit Goods vs. Artificial Intelligence

The Good Fight: Counterfeit Goods vs. Artificial Intelligence 

Counterfeit goods bring to mind fake designer purses emblazoned with the interlocking C’s or G’s sold on Canal Street in New York or along Santee Alley in Los Angeles. At this point, a one or two bag purchase may seem…

Compliance in Emerging Markets

Compliance in Emerging Markets

Tariffs and trade uncertainty with China has forced apparel companies to diversify their supply chains. The influx of production to other sourcing destinations such as Bangladesh and Vietnam is leaving a strain on the factories. Due to sheer volume, production…

Recycled Uniforms in 2020

Japan’s Olympians Will Wear Recycled Uniforms in 2020

Not everyone can qualify for the Olympics, but everyone can participate in the fanfare of it all. In fact, if you’re in Japan, your recycled clothing could end up on the backs of your favorite Olympian. From Recyled to Center…

China's Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China’s Plan For a Green Supply Chain

China has joined the global sustainable effort towards a green supply chain. Previously, two of China’s cities made the list of top 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Above all,…

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