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TestTag: trade war

Day One: Official Launch of ATSM 2019

ATSM 2019 closed out day one at the Mana Wynwood with a packed house. This year the show grew to three times the size of 2018 under the direction of the new show director Chase Vance who was introduced at…

EU/US Tariffs Sparks Concern

EU/US Tariffs Sparks Concern

What do cheese, nuts, and wine have in common? First and foremost, they are the critical components alongside a great charcuterie board. Second, they are now a portion of U.S. published list of European imports that are subject to tariffs….

Free Trade with the European Union

Free Trade with the European Union

The parameters of free trade between nations have been in flux. The U.S- China trade war continues to leave an air of uncertainty amongst the countries. Although, despite not having waved the white flag, the U.S is attempting to forge…

Mauritius: The New Sourcing Destination

Mauritius: The Next Sourcing Destination

Mauritius has emerged as an economic leader of the African nations. In 2017, the African Economic platform (AEP) was established, and they advocated for African-made goods and promoted trade across the continent. Now, new attention is deeming them the next…

U.S and China Look to End Trade War

U.S and China Look to End Trade War

As January nears and the promised enactment of 25% tariffs on apparel looms, the world sits awaiting impact. The duties initially were put into action were set to improve U.S companies’ market access and to protect intellectual property. In the…

The Trade War Continues with New Tariffs

Trade War Continues with New Tariffs

While the United States is advancing in trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, and Korea, China holds less promise. President Trump declared there would new tariffs enacted on Chinese imports to the tune of $200 billion. To counter, China has sanctioned…

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