Wearable Tech Bridges Apparel and Healthcare

Wearable Tech Bridges Apparel and Healthcare

Wearable technology is no longer elusive. Apple watches and fitness trackers show consumers that what you wear should have a purpose beyond basic functionality. Now, the market is ready and eager for these advancements.

Wearable Tech Goes Mainstream

Interestingly enough, a bulk of this innovation is happening within the realm of healthcare. Wired UK reported that this year, “technology will expand into the world of mainstream therapeutic intervention.” In 2018, Myant, an Ontario-based textile computing company, debuted their “smart” undergarments that provided remote physiotherapies and acted as an ECG. Next, comes laser shoes for Parkinson’s disease. 

Laser Shoes for Parkinson’s Disease

London-based Lise Pape entrepreneur, founded Walk with Path, to help sufferers like her father. She spoke to BBC News, sharing that Parkinson’s patients have freezing episodes. Unfortunately, the events are not responsive to drug therapies. Due to a lack of dopamine, which affects movement, a temporary paralysis takes place.

The inspiration for the shoes came when she noticed that the patients did not have problems with staircases. Ultimately, each step guides them where to go. So, she turned to wearables to design a solution. Similarly, the shoe works by projecting a laser beam, creating a visual cue. The device, strapped over the wearer’s shoe, have been called “wearable staircases” by patients.  Therefore, “the lasers help the brain figure out what the body needs to do next,” she explained.

Above all, wearable technology is something that will continue to make an impact. Last year at Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada, Myant unveiled their aforementioned smart undergarments. This year, see even more proof that fashion and technology are no longer mutually exclusive. Register for free for one of our upcoming shows:

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