Global Ethical Manufacturing of Apparel and Textiles | featuring Wrap & Testex Executive Panelists

August 24, 2016
11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM

Understanding where you are sourcing your products from, and how ethically they are manufactured is more important than ever to today’s consumer. This seminar, moderated by Canadian Apparel Federation Executive Director Bob Kirke, will feature two of the top executives from the foremost accredited organizations responsible for researching and certifying apparel and textile products around the world. Clay E. Hickston, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for WRAP and Marc Sidler, Head of Marketing & Sales for TESTEX will discuss the trends both of their highly respected certification organizations are currently seeing around the world with regard to responsible sourcing. They will also cover what’s new in responsible sourcing as well as what to Look for when choosing a destination to source from. If you are in the business of apparel and textiles, you can’t miss this expert group discussion.