Rebels in Tech and Battlefield — How Ukrainian Companies Keep Conquering the Global Tech Scene

August 21, 2023
3:00 PM EST  -  4:00 PM EST

Vadim Rogovskiy is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, and co-founder of 3DLOOK — the global leader in AI-powered mobile body scanning and virtual try-on solutions with Ukrainian roots. As the war began, this fashion tech startup already had an impressive track record with a closed Series A round and partnerships with Fortune 500 brands to their name. During the 1,5 years of the war, the team at 3DLOOK has seen it all — brainstorming sessions in bomb shelters, Zoom calls with sirens in the backgrounds, and product releases during blackouts. Yet, the team kept going — rolling out new products, making headlines and signing with the hottest global brands — all while volunteering, donating and advancing their victory. In the session, Vadim will share the key lessons learned from leading a fashion tech company in a war zone — how to boost the team’s morale, set up work when nothing goes as planned, and make sure you succeed despite all odds.