Aamir Thobhani

CEO / Creative Consultant

Aamir, started his textile journey 17+ years, when he got hired to manage Walmart and Target accounts with YTM, one of the leading home textile mill’s in the world. After spending more than 5 years with the company, he moved on in various areas like quilt, fabric, home fashion, apparel, design, cut and sew, etc. Have worked with a number of designers in the industry; introduced new products that increased market share; and, set them apart from their competition. A decade worth experience in manufacturing provides a strong understanding of the industry along with the network required to develop products using a number of technologies. We’ll use this experience and bridge it with companies that value moving the industry forward.


August 23, 2023
Sustainability in Textiles
12:00 PM EST  -  1:00 PM EST