Charlene Parsons

Director of the Fashion

Charlene Parsons started her career—back in the day–in the Burdines fashion office. Parson’s was also a successful model. For the last 40 years, she’s been a lead educator at the International Fine Arts College, now known as Miami International University of Art & Design. Mrs. Parsons, as she’s affectionately known, is Fashion Director at Ai Miami, overseeing all fashion merchandising and fashion design programs. Many of her students have gone on to top jobs and acclaim, including Rene Ruiz, Julian Chang, Victoria Lopez Castro and Danny Santiago.


May 22, 2018
Miami’s Fashion Leaders Seminar
02:00 PM  -  02:45 PM
May 28, 2019
Tricks of the Trade with Perry Ellis – Marketing & Brand Recognition
Miami Fashion Lab
15:15  -  16:00