Claudia Rego


Claudia Rego is a partner at D-ZIGNERS a Maimi based company specialized in roll to roll fabric sublimation, cut pieces and garments.
We are a sublimation company located in the Miami area with a vision to provide a quick response to our demanding fashion business. In addition to that we provide in house manufacturing with expertise in sports wear (Leggings, Yoga pants, Crops, Shorts, Tops, Sport Bra, etc) cut and sew, pattern, grading and marker services.
Also available full packages  for mass production through our sourcing company Tropical Textiles Group


May 22, 2018
Fashion TALKS Miami
04:15 PM  -  05:00 PM
May 28, 2019
Made in the USA: How to Produce a Fashion Line in America in 2019
Miami Fashion Lab
12:30  -  13:15