German Reyes

Global Social Compliance Senior Manager

It was back in 2010 that I started working at Gildan, where I was initially brought on to help align Gildan’s newly acquired vertically-integrated facilities in Bangladesh to the standards and practices of the Company’s Code of Conduct, and I found the prospect of doing that quite exciting.

Since then, my position has evolved immensely and I’ve been involved in many exciting projects: In 2018, I took on a global role focused on standardizing our Social Compliance Program across our worldwide contractors; and in 2019, I played a large part in Gildan’s Fair Labor Association (FLA) re-accreditation and am now responsible for the FLA Accreditation Program globally. I now guide an extremely talented team.


September 15, 2021
Perspectives on Social Compliance: Buyer, Manufacturer and Program Viewpoints.
01:30 PM ET