Laura Husband

Managing Director

I am a journalist and editor and I have written for a number of related sectors, including retail and beauty. Prior to taking the role of managing editor at Just Style I was the editor of the UK’s leading hairdressing sector publication called Hairdressers Journal International.

Despite being completely new to the sector, I have worked for Just Style’s parent company, which is called Global Data, before. In fact, I started my journalism career at the company as a young junior web writer and then deputy editor, coming up with ideas for some of the company’s other titles such as Packaging Gateway and Pharmaceutical Technology.

My passion lies in communicating and sharing insights with others. I love nothing more than getting under the skin of the big issues facing those working within an industry and discovering what will make readers lives easier by speaking to the experts who are already one step ahead of the curve.

I am already getting some top level insights on the issues facing you and the wider sector – from the opportunities and challenges related to sustainability to the ongoing effects of Covid-19 as well as the issues faced by workers at every point of the supply chain. But, I know I have only just touched the surface of what this fantastic sector has to offer.


September 15, 2021
COP26: Is the apparel and textiles industry doing enough to tackle climate change? 
09:00 AM ET