Also Featuring Matthijs Critee, Secretary General of the International Apparel Federation as Speaker Session Moderator

The ATSG 2019 fashion sourcing exhibition on September 11-13at the Estrel Conference Center in Berlin functions as Germany’s crossroads of connecting with 100s of global factories and a gathering of the industry’s top decision makers under one roof.

Education is the cornerstone of Apparel Textile Sourcing shows and for the inaugural ATSG event Matthijs Critee from the International Apparel Federation will be moderating many of the panels effecting trade policy with Germany amongst the EU and countries in Africa and Asia. Before the executive panels begin, Mr. Critee will be issuing the opening keynote address on European Trade, Updates on Policy and Predictions for 2020 that will provide an analysis of the factors affecting B2B and B2C commerce in EU.

Supply chain strategy in the apparel and textile industry is an ever-changing riddle; that once answered, opens up more questions as new technologies enter the market, as free trade zones open and close, and numerous other factors that affect FOB and logistics costs.

“The supply chain of our industry has been disrupted constantly.  The era of World Factory/China is gone and made-in-China is quickly becoming made-by-China. Chasing cheap labor has become chasing trade agreement.  Sino-US trade war has nothing to do with the changes but indeed accelerates them.  The disrupted supply chain, surprisingly, has to and is quickly becoming a much more integrated ecosystem than ever. There will be winners and losers in this transformation.  But there should be no complainer after the dust settles down as the signs of the transformation is so clear and unmistaken.”

– Wilson Zhu COO, Li and Fung – Supply Chain of the Future

When nominating a vendor, there are numerous factors a buyer considers that include but not limited to: Quality of product, infrastructure in country of production, compliance requirements, environmental friendliness, geographical location (free trade or not), price, financial stability, ease of communication, philosophy, growth potential, etc.

Mr. Zhu’s topic will set the tone for what German and European brands/retailers need to consider when nominating a vendor in their supply chain whether is it a product or service that connects links in communication as a product transitions from concept to consumer.

Preview List of Seminars and Panels at ATSG:

The World is Watching: Sustainability and Retail
Sustainability has been a popular buzzword in the Apparel Industry for some time. But what does sustainability mean for the retail sector in particular? Gerwin Leppink, Europe Representative at Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) will dive into this important topic and give a detailed look on how to avoid the pitfalls of poor compliance standards and supply chain management for brands and retailers.

What is the Middle Market Doing in Europe?
Fast fashion, luxury, and discounted apparel make quite a splash, but what about the middle market? There is growing popularity of the middle-priced apparel goods that fit somewhere between value and luxury. This grey area is and will continue to be a growth market in the foreseeable future. Jan Hilger, former executive at Hugo Boss, Escada, and PVH will shed some light on what the middle market is doing in Europe and opportunities brands and retailers have to penetrate into this growing sector.

Optimal Logistics and Distribution Strategies in Europe
Sourcing raw materials, fabrics and manufacturers are only a few components of the concept-to-consumer apparel process. Getting your products to market is a crucial step that is often overlooked in terms of efficiency by brands and retailers. Join Matthijs Crietee, Secretary General at the International Apparel Federation learn how to optimize your logistical operations and getting your products to your customers cheaper, faster and more efficiently.

The Luxury Digital Marketplace
The digital world is changing how brands and retailers in the luxury apparel market are interacting with the consumer. The unique brand experience is one of the elements of the sector that sets it apart from all others. Join Julian Groves, Managing Director at London Persona and discover the world of luxury in the digital age.

Think Local Go Global
What it takes to reposition, restructure, or re-launch a brand in today’s crowded landscape. Sal Khokhar, Former DKNY, LVMH and Adidas Executive walks us through the success stories of start ups and major brands and what we can learn from leading CEO strategies. Join us for a conversation on Brand Creation for the Next Generation and the new normal of vertical retailing that draws a direct line between Investors, Factories, Marketers and Online Consumers.

Footwear Sourcing for German Companies just got Easier…

Included in the exhibitors that will be seen at ATSG are 25 booths specifically for footwear manufacturing of lifestyle, formal, and athletic shoes. It is advised that any visitors to the show with a focus on footwear to bring samples of their products or products of similar quality to the final quality they are looking for in a production order. Factories in the footwear pavilion will be able to accommodate lower minimums and enterprise level purchase orders.

ATSG is 3 days, Matchmaking is 365 Days a Year

The and are integrated into the event in order to help German and EU buyers connect with suppliers from around the world year-round. To save time while on show site, buyers have the ability conduct research on the platforms before the event to identify partners with their required manufacturing capabilities. Search filters include MOQ, region, pricing, certifications, and other factors to adjust the search algorithm as needed for each enquiry. Attendees are also able to use the 24/7 Matchmaking staff by phone who will also be present at ATSG.

Opening Ceremony Press Conference and Ribbon Cutting to Represent Government Officials and Association Leaders

On the first day of the show – Wednesday, September 11 – ATSG will host a press conference beginning at 9:30am. Preview of speakers are as follows:

Jason Prescott – CEO of and ATS Trade Shows
Ashwin Ruhee – First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius
Dr. Syed Masum Ahmed Choudhury – Commercial Counsellor of the Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin
Chairman Cao – China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Apparel and Textiles
José Antonio Cárdenas – Counselor Embassy of the Republic of Peru