Enterprise Florida Spurs Economic Development

Florida is like the younger sibling in the family, it’s warm, excitable and grandparents love them. For years, Florida has enjoyed a decent job market, population growth and tourism. But, it is in recent years that the state, particularly Miami, have been experiencing a renaissance. More than ever, companies are choosing Florida because of its friendly environment, focus on sustainability, and of course the beautiful weather. Now, they are enjoying much outside investment in the area such as the Instituto Marangoni implementing its first U.S location there, Apparel Textile Sourcing hosting its first U.S trade show, and more. In short, the area is teeming with promise and others are taking note.

Enterprise Florida

One way in which economic growth, infrastructure and the aforementioned expansion is happening is through a number of public-private partnerships. The most prominent one is Enterprise Florida, Inc. (also known as EFI) which is between the government leaders and the business of Florida. EFI is known as one of the principal economic development organization operating in Florida. With a mission to expand and bring diversity to the economy of the state, EFI strives to provide better job opportunities by creating jobs for the people of Florida. EFI works with several economic development partners all over the state to ensure its mission is fulfilled. EFI also receives funding from private-sector businesses as well as the State of Florida.

EFI’s mission of job creation to more than 19 million residents of Florida is a big challenge in itself. In order to achieve their goal, they partner with corporate decision makers as well as site selectors and help them to select Florida as their choice in case of a relocation, expansion project or next location. Bringing new businesses to the state can not only help improve the economy but also expand the existing business and industries in the state.

Creating Opportunities

EFI helps potential market investors to see Florida as a land of immersive opportunities with state of the art design structures, eco-friendly environment and loyal workers. EFI works with a large number of industry sectors which include: fashion, information technology, defense and homeland security, financial and professional services, life sciences, aviation and aerospace, manufacturing, clean energy and many others. EFI is currently supporting more than 60,000 exporting business in Florida. EFI also support different business types including small and minority business via a number of capital programs that it’s running. One of the major responsibilities of EFI is marketing and promoting Florida as a premier business destination.

Enterprise Florida is committed to accountability and transparency when it comes to its economic development incentives. The huge responsibility that EFI has taken upon its shoulders to strengthen the economic development of the state of Florida is a big one and EFI is fulfilling this responsibility with great enthusiasm and success in the recent years.

The chairman of EFI’s board of directors is none other than Florida’s Governor Rick Scott while the CEO and President of EFI is Florida’s Secretary of Commerce.


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