Miami Growth Paves Way for ATSM

Apparel Textile Sourcing is expanding this May! It could be easy to think we just want an excuse to experience the sun, surf and sand in Miami, but the city has many facets that make it a true player in the apparel industry and a natural extension for the ATS brand.


Will Smith raps about it, Pitbull won’t shut up about it and the city is home to the largest collection art deco architecture. But, there is more to Miami and Florida than purely aesthetics and pop culture. This town means business, and a global one at that. As a matter of fact, 40% of all U.S exports to Latin and South America pass through Florida. It essentially acts as the central hub to both Latin, South America, and the Caribbean for all industries.

It is no surprise then that Miami is home to a diverse population that is composed of over 150 ethnicities that speak around 60 different languages. In addition, it is the eighth most populated and 4th largest urban area in America. The county population adds up to around 5.5 million people. This gives way to a unique market and working force with many different needs and talents. This is the reason that there is around 1,100 multi-national corporations with HQ in Miami that brings in annual revenues to the tune of $221 billion.

Spotlight on Fashion 

Florida as a whole makes up of 8.4% of all US sales of apparel and textiles. For fashion, the Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Latin America all view it as their access point into the apparel industry. The city has a tradition of summer fashion year-round due to the tropical temperatures the residents of Miami enjoy. It is no surprise that it is also the swim wear capital of the US and hosts Swim Week Miami Beach each year. Beyond swimwear, they have been seeing growth across the board in regard to apparel.

Jason Prescott, CEO of JP Communications, the organizer of the ATS shows said, “The expansion of the ATS Brand to Miami is a direct response to the market demand and fills a significant gap for the US-&-Latin American markets.” Currently, Miami doesn’t have a way of sourcing locally as well as network with retailers and producers of clothing all in one place. This will also benefit the Latin American markets that surrounding the region. Prescott continues,

“ATS-Miami provides a unique opportunity for apparel and textile importers and retailers to intersect and access the most current importing information from the top industry insiders.  Imagine the time and money saved for the local and Latin importers.  The producers are coming from Asia to Miami,” Prescott said, emphasizing that China alone exports $42 billion in apparel a year to the US and $11 billion a year to Latin America.”

Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami is a natural next step in the expansion of ATS and the kind of unique event it provides to the apparel industry. Register for free here and learn more about the show and how you can be involved. See you all in May.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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