Miami-Next China of Latin America? 

For some time now, Miami has been touted as the “Gateway to the Americas. This is due to the fact that the Americas and the Caribbean look to South Florida as their entryway into the U.S for all things fashion, culture, trade and entertainment. But, is it about to be the gateway to Asia as well? In fact, some say that Miami is poised to be the next China of Latin America.

China’s New Business Hub

One man who has been instrumental in turning Miami into the destination it is today is developer Moishe Mana. The Miami Herald stepped in conference with him and ATSM organizer Jason Prescott regarding Miami’s growing international influence. In it, Moishe expressed the potential for the city to be an, “East Coast home for Chinese businesses.” He continued that the establishment of Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami is laying the groundwork for the vision to come to fruition. 

China and Apparel Textile Sourcing

The Apparel Textile Sourcing brand has had an ongoing positive relationship with China. After all, The China Brand Show, administered by the Ministry of Commerce of China, will make its Canadian debut at ATSC in Toronto this August. Now, this May 21st-23rd at the Maya Wynwood, ATSM will bring 150 Chinese companies under the same roof. Chen Zhi Rong, director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce has expressed his excitement of Chinese participation in the show. He said, 

“The [China Chamber] is very excited to explore one of the worlds greatest and untapped trade hubs — Miami. We are investing in Miami not just for Chinese companies, but to create a global trade show that inspires Americans and the Americas.”

The enthusiasm for global trade at the conference in Miami was palpable. It is a rare occasion to have this many government representatives and trade officials in one room. Although, it is hard to ignore the elephant in the room- the looming trade war in which China is a major player. But, on a recent trip to China with Miami Mayor Carlos Giminez, Mana learned something interesting. Despite what is happening behind government doors, “Chinese business officials do not act without the approval of their government and they assume Americans operate in a similar fashion.”

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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