Defining Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Assessing Business Impact, Benefits, Requirements, and the Importance of Proper Implementation

August 22, 2016
4:30 PM  -  5:00 PM

In a world where information is available anytime, anywhere, it is no surprise that the concept of omnichannel and its implementation is a key priority for retailers across the globe. However, like so many new technologies, the definition and understanding of what omni-channel customer engagement truly is continues to elude many brands.

The omni-channel customer engagement solution space focuses directly on the end-user experience: mobile apps, online presence, in-store presence, etc. Nevertheless, few companies really understand what defines the omni-channel customer experience and the infrastructure needed to enable the omnichannel ecosystem.

Allan Zander is the Chief Executive Officer of omNovos Omini-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions. Having spent more than 20 years following his passion for rejuvenating companies and building experience in mission critical communications & software–where the degree of reliability has to be almost 100%. His business development experience ranges from startup companies of 50 to 200 people, to companies of 100,000 people. In this session Allan will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of omni-channel. As well as insight on how to properly assess business impact, benefits, requirements, and the importance of proper and well-staged professional implementation.