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On-demand manufacturing and the fashion industry post COVID-19 

May 26, 2020
11:00 AM
 COVID-19 has exposed fundamental weaknesses in the traditional fashion manufacturing system. Overproduction has made the industry financially and environmentally unsustainable. Understanding the model is critically important. On-demand turns traditional industry thinking upside down. In this seminar, Best will discuss how the book industry had to change, and why the lessons learned there are appropriate to the garment business. In addition to the environmental advantages of on-demand manufacturing, personalization is another key benefit. Consumers are steering away from fast fashion and looking to spend more on quality garments, made for them, that they can keep for years to come. From silo accounting to personalization, Best will detail the critical steps needed to change over the industry from “make one-sell one” to “sell one-make one.”

Click Here to watch the recording of this seminar on our Youtube Channel.

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