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Dana Todd


What am I disrupting now? Glad you asked! Right now I’m obsessed with the fact that the fashion industry has so poorly served women in fit and quality. The resulting pain point is an opportunity ripe for my new startup: Balodana made to measure the fashion marketplace (www.balodana.com). We help women shop directly from worldwide tailors and designers, for thousands of custom fashions that are made precisely to their body measurements. We are the only clothing marketplace that inspires and fits the unique bodies of women who want to master the art of the first impression, in an era in which consumers expect personalized experiences.

My background is deep experience in internet & tech, combined with broad marketing and executive skills. I founded three companies and two nonprofits. I have led company departments, global boards, passionate startups, and savvy consultancies, solving challenges for dozens of different businesses. I develop teams and inspire them to grow individually and collectively. My leadership style is fun, transparent and strategic.

In addition to my startup activities, companies have hired me as an FT or fractional (interim) CMO. I really enjoy fractional leadership consulting, as it’s the best of both worlds for flexibility and impact with my clients.

The press has called me one of the pioneers of the internet marketing industry and I’m primarily recognized for my role evolving the search marketing industry. I hold a patent, rang the bell at NASDAQ, and generally like to think of myself as having at least one finger in tech futurism. I have spoken around the world to thousands of people, and I’m skilled at helping companies achieve success through thought leadership and content strategy aligned to communication and brand objectives. My now-rare “old school” brand training is the foundation for all campaigns; my philosophy is that integration across channels – digital and traditional – is the most critical thing you can do as a marketer.


November 12, 2020
From Data to Doorstep: Innovations Powering the New “Slow Fashion Supply Chain”
Enterprise Connect
11:45  -  12:30
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