Max Rodriguez Guillen

Trade Commissioner of Peru

With over twenty years of experience in foreign trade, Max began his career working within the business division of a private company before moving to the marketing division of PROMPEX. This background in the private and public sectors gave rise to his broad expertise with marketing techniques, trade-show organization, and business strategies, with a particular focus on market development grounded in his international experiences. Later, working with PROMPERU, Max’s work focused on the internationalization of companies, in addition to continued work formulating business development programs. Max currently serve as Director of the Trade Commission office of Peru in Miami. Where he promotes exports, tourism and investments. He obtained an MBA in Management and Business Management from UTA Chile.

Max’s areas of study include: specialization in the public sector from the Queensland University of Technology (Sydney & Brisbane 2012); E-commerce from the Christian Yuan University (Taipei 2008); E-Business for SME from the Korean Polytechnic University (Seoul 2006); Marketing (Lima 2006); Foreign Trade by ESAN (Lima 2005-2006); and Agribusiness from the Agrarian University La Molina (Lima 2000). His internships with world-renowned companies have been invaluable in gaining knowledge that he shares as guest professor and post-graduate international lecturer. Max has extensive experience in the export sector and in the formation of work groups. In particular, he is a founding member of the National Commission of Pisco and the National Commission of Organic Products. He has supported the formation and development of private associations such as the Association of Producers of Olivo – ProOlivo and the Peruvian Institute of Natural Products – IPPN.
As an economist specializing in foreign trade, Max has overseen the National Coordination of the Biocommerce Peru Program and the Regional Development Management in PROMPERU — an assignment that has allowed him to work throughout all regions of Peru and to acquire detailed knowledge of Peru’s vast potential offerings for exports.


May 23, 2018
Latin America Trade Commissioners Panel
11:45 AM  -  12:30 AM
The Quality Edge: Peru’s Competitive Advantage
1:15 PM  -  2:00 PM