Top Fashion Trends – Spring 2017

Top Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

The styles to look out for in spring and summer 2017 will be hard to miss. Runways are welcoming a bright, cheerful lineup of exciting fashion trends. Remember the 80’s? Bright orange and fuchsia, puffy shoulders and large florals? The 80’s are back in an updated look that’s perfect for this century.

It seems as if there are no rules this year. This spring, you can be anyone you want to be. Do you want to wear a peekaboo dress in hazmat orange? Do it! Bold florals with leggings to match? This is your year. The 80’s are back, and this spring, it’s all about fun.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find on the runway and in stores this spring. We’ll also give you a few basic tips on what’s out  – what should you put in the donation bin this year?

This year, anything goes.

Stripes are everywhere

This year, stripes rule. Just in time for warmer weather, you’ll see verticals, horizontals and diagonals hitting the stores. But these aren’t your mom’s stripes! Pair a vertical stripe pant with a floral sheer top and you’re ready to hit the boardwalk. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns.

Pastel stripes are a classic, but this year don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder, broader styles

Color is queen

In past years, we’ve seen light, breezy pastels and summer whites on the runway and on the street. This year, you’ll need to brush up on your color wheel. Designers have put bright shades of pink on the runway; old styles “pale” in comparison. But pink isn’t the only color to choose from. Lime greens and bright purples pair with yellows to make this season’s lineup. The only rule of color is that you need a lot of it!

Mix and match

Color is in, but what about those flavorful color combinations you’ve been dying to try? This year you can rock just about any combo you see fit. A few to try:

  • Hot pink and purple
  • Blue and scarlet
  • Red and pink
  • Yellow and khaki
  • Red and orange
  • Fuschia and forest green


If you’re not feeling very colorful, khaki is always a classic go-to. From grunge style shorts and trench coats to formal dresses, khaki is once again a versatile style to fit anyone’s taste. Khaki isn’t just for work uniforms anymore. The soft lines created by this year’s designers are perfect for day or evening wear. Designers are favoring flowing khaki lines, but don’t hesitate to pull off a sharper, more powerful look. And pair your khakis with a bright color. Want to wear some yellow leggings with your khaki sundress? We say yes!

Skewed and asymmetrical hemlines

Skirts, shirts and even pants will feature skewed hemlines this year. Fold down waistlines, asymmetry in hemlines, and deconstructed shirts will have a huge presence in fashion lineups this year

Yellow fabrics and patterns

Yellow is not for the faint of heart. This year, you’re allowed to go bright. You’ll spot every shade of neon and fluorescent yellow on the runway and on the street. But if that’s not your thing, you’ll also look great in softer pastels in large floral patterns. Tulles will be especially popular this year.Try a yellow stripe for a sunny beach look.

Focus on the shoulder

Fashion has always had an obsession with shoulders. This season, you’ll be able to show off yours in, literally, more ways than one. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Want to Have Fun? This year, you can wear off the shoulder styles, too. You’ll see off the shoulder dresses, activewear and workwear in stores.

You’re also going to find single cutout shoulders on everything from formal wear to daytime looks. But if you prefer not to bare skin, look for a comeback of puffed sleeves, Princess Di style.

Sleeve slits

Prefer to leave your shoulders covered and rock your bangles instead? You’re in luck in 2017. Sleeve slits are this year’s alternative to flared sleeves. Elegant, flowing dresses in bright colors will have slit sleeves. So will business attire and button down shirts. Find appropriate sleeve slits for every occasion, whether you’re going to work, to lunch or to meet the President.

Speaking of going to work…

This year, you’re going to see a comeback of the white shirt dress. The shirt dress never really went out of style, but it’s been fine tuned this year to fit modern trends.  You’ll find dresses on the racks in styles that are belted, short, midi, or with a tapered hem. Designers are emphasizing the strengths of women this year. Wear them to work to prove that the white dress shirt isn’t just for men.

Practical women need practical shoes

This year you can breathe a sigh of relief. Women are shedding their uncomfortable heels in favor of (oh, yes!) sneakers. While white sneakers are headed out of closets, fresh, colorful patterned sneakers are here to play.

Sneakers will be a great way to sell your personality. Whether you choose an emoji logo, a hazmat orange shoe, or a Hello Kitty logo, you’ll find a way to express yourself. Perfect for a trip downtown or just kicking around, look for a bright sneaker to fit your personality.

Mules and more mules

Can’t wear sneakers to work? Great! You can wear your mules. Gone are the days of suffering in your heels all day at work. Mules are huge this year, and just as versatile. You’ll find espadrilles, slingbacks, flats and even sneaker mules. And there’s no limit to their construction; they’ll be in leathers, cottons, satins and just about any other material you can dream up.

Artistic prints

You’ve seen these on the street in the past, but now they’re going to be at the forefront. Designers are favoring prints which feature bold patterns, painted looks and artistic references. Look for maxi skirts, gaucho pants and palazzos to be updated for 2017 with artistic prints.

The classic trench coat

It’s still here. The classic trench coat remains your rainy day go-to, and it’s updated for 2017. Look for long, sharp lines with countless embellishment options. Cinch waisted, large buckles, tapered sleeves or unadorned, the khaki trench coat will never go out of style.

The bathrobe

Yes, you heard that right. Designers have put bathrobes on the runway as a must have for the spring 2017 season. This is great news if you’re running out of time in the morning, or just want to stay comfortable all day.

Remember, anything goes… almost

This year, we’re ditching the boring white and pastels in favor of bright and versatile patterns and colors. You can mix and match any way you please. Whatever makes you happy, wear it! Unless, of course, it’s destined for the 2017 upcycle bin. Here’s a look at what not to wear this year.

Let your corset out

You’ll still see cinched waistlines on the street, but forget about that old corset. Designers may be aiming for a more comfortable trend. But the corset was heavily covered in industry press last year, and it’s time for a change. However, there seems to be a new trend on London runways of bralettes worn over everyday clothes

The white sneaker

You already know that bright and cheerful sneaker designs are in. Dump your white sneaks in the upcycle bin, or donate them. World Wear Project has a recycling program to keep those shoes out of the landfill.  Contact them, and bring some color to your life. You can do better than that stark white style!

Rethink your jeans

Styles in denim are quite volatile, but there’s never been a more classic look than a boot cut pair of jeans. This year, fashion is all about comfort. You’ll notice a trend toward more classic denim silhouettes. More specifically, it’s time for those skinny jeans to hit the donation pile. Look for comfort, class and breathability without all that stretch.

Rethink your statement, too

Recent runway collections have featured soft, flowy silhouettes and breezy fabrics. This year, it’s all about making a powerful statement. Designers are constructing their collections to enhance an image of strong, powerful women. It’s time to do away with the romanticized image of those old styles.

You can choose to make your statement by matching a turquoise, off the shoulder shirt with a lime green pant, or simply choose to make your statement by wearing a bathrobe to your dental exam. It won’t matter, as long as it’s bold. Subtle is out this year.

Kill the heels

Mules and sneakers are in for the long haul. Boots and shoes with 5 or more inch heels are definitely out. Just toss them in the recycling bin, because donating them would inflict pain on another woman. Women are smart, practical and busy. Designers have realized that they’re more likely to buy a practical shoe in a style that’s fabulous than to risk breaking the heel off an uncomfortable one.

Don’t dress to fit in

We love fashion. We love the industry, the drama, the glamour and the art of fashion. Following trends is part of the allure; looking great is just a happy side effect. But this year, it’s not about following trends. It’s about being yourself. It’s about finding your own style and pushing your own limits. Lime green with fuschia? Stripes and florals? Absolutely! This year, dressing to conform is out.

Fashion is an unpredictable industry. From demure lines and fabrics to sharp edges and glossy fabrics, the styles change each season. This season, though, it’s all about making yourself happy. Bright colors, comfortable apparel, and classy styles are the new trends to look for in spring and summer 2017.


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