Style Star Miami is Ready for Industry Growth

“Dismissed for decades as the land that style forgot, the city is having another moment in the fashion sun.” This the opening to a Departures article by Horacio Silva about the long-awaited comeback of Miami fashion. Poignant and honest is the sentiment that for years the vibrant city has been left in the dark when it comes to fashion. Especially striking when considering that Miami used to be a fashion capital. But, the spotlight is back due to a growth in tourism and social media; which sets the stage for Miami to be a style star again.

 More Tourism, More Miami

Miami has been getting more attention in recent years as development in the area has in turn brought more people. Attention has increased due to development of the Design District, new swanky hotels, and the rise of SwimWeek fashion-based events like Art Basel. These destinations have brought a new trendy crowd to the shores of South Beach, giving it a more sophisticated and modern reputation.

Spotlight Back on Miami Style

The growth of social media has been at play in bringing the spotlight back to Miami for something other than its beaches. At this point, Instagram and fashion bloggers have risen to prominence all over the country. What’s interesting is it has given a peek into the closets of fashion lovers in places other than Los Angeles or New York. So, Miami fashion bloggers began posting and their eclectic beach-inspired wares caught the attention of the masses. From the saturated colors, striking prints and flowy styles, there is a kind of style present in Miami that is not in other places in the United States. Now more eyes are on Miami than ever.

Local Designers Emerge

More local designers are beginning to pop up and they are in more than just swimwear. This is in part because of Miami International University of Art & Design, which has been churning out fashion design grads at increasing numbers. A Miami-based designer Fab Silberstein confirms that narrative to the Miami Herald saying, “In Miami, I feel there is this underlying culture of very talented, emerging designers that are just starting to break out.” The market is really starting to bear more apparel growth and the city is also an alluring draw as competition is not as tough as Los Angeles or New York. Charlene Parsons, department chair for the university adds, “Years ago, you almost had to live in one of the major fashion capitals to really become known as a designer or make your mark in the industry.” Now the doors have opened elsewhere.

This is an exciting time for Miami and the fashion industry as a whole. The growth the South Florida city is experiencing is in not just in terms of fashion, but also economic development and prestige. This is why many companies and brands are expanding to Miami such as Apparel Textile Sourcing. They, like many others, foresaw the continuation in this trend toward Miami. So it seems the sun hasn’t set on Miami and its potential industry heavy-weight status. In fact, it’s burning brighter than ever.

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Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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