Business is Booming. Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada is Back with a Partnership with TFO Canada

In the month of August, from the 21st-23rd , hundreds of companies from nations spanning the globe will come together for three days at the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) trade show. Presented by and and held in the Toronto International Centre, the event is unparalleled in Canada. The country is on the cusp of apparel manufacturing breakthrough, with apparel imports up and domestic demand on a steady rise since 2011. Jason Prescott, CEO of JP Communications, saw a gap in the market and a dire need for the Canadian apparel industry to be able to source materials at home. He founded the textile and apparel event to connect the burgeoning Canadian fashion market with international manufacturers, suppliers and other industry movers and shakers. On the heels of last year’s success, the trade show will be back again, but with major changes due to an exciting partnership with TFO Canada.

TFO Canada is the country’s leader in changing the landscape of trade in the nation, opening up new opportunities for businesses to forge relationships with overseas partners. Their mission encompasses:

Promoting sustainable economic development through trade with Canada

TFO Canada helps to make trade happen for over 1,200 exporters from developing countries, over 1,200 trade support institutions and more than 1,600 Canadian importers.”

Through their partnerships, TFO in alignment with ATSC, will be able to showcase imports from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) such as: Madagascar, Uganda, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Haitai, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nepal. Attendees of the show will be able see, touch and feel these unique and fine goods without the expense of international travel. The ability to source their materials through these countries is a first opportunity of its kind. This can lead to more innovative product development while helping the economic development of countries that need it the most. Specifically, in textiles, TFO will be exhibiting 30 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) unveiling a whole new world of materials from abroad.

There truly has not been a more unique time in the Canadian fashion industry than now. With rapid growth in the sector along with an incredible resource such as ATSC, Canada is on it’s way to being a major player in exporting of apparel. Not only is local demand skyrocketing, but desire for Canadian-made product has increased on an international level. TFO Canada is changing the way domestic companies can source materials for development, and Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada is bringing it all together in one place, giving companies a competitive advantage.


Want to be a part of ATSC? Visit for more information and to register to attend the trade show.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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