China & Asia Textile Forum 2018

China is known for being the most populous country in the world. They are responsible for inventing some of our greatest technologies , great landscape and cuisine, and of course TEXTILES. As a result, China has enjoyed continued growth within the sector while overall the textile industry has been experiencing a downward trend. This is partially due to a sluggish global economy, trade protectionism and barriers and overall uncertainty to come which has been experienced across all industries. Despite this, it has been reported that,

“China had a RMB 603.014 billion in total investment in the textile industry, up 9.11%; the total export volume of textile and apparel products stood at USD124.05 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.1%, thus ending the negative increase scenario over the past two years, and achieving a mild growth.”

It looks good from the top

Currently China still sits as King of the global textile industry. But, there have been many changes happening globally. These are not limited to the restructuring of trade, increased competition and stagnant wages. So all things considered, China must find new ways of approaching business as usual. This is the premise of the China & Asia Textile Forum 2018. The summit will be held March 12th and 13th at the Shanghai Marriot Hotel Hongquio

The Agenda

The event is positioned to gather: Chinese government organizations, industry associations, international textile and apparel enterprises, textile manufacturers, leading apparel retailers all under one roof.  Some of the topics that will be discussed will cover:

-New approaches to closely cooperate with foreign suppliers and allocate production resources in the global market.

-Offline payment systems and the integration of online and offline sales as well as logistics.

-How the apparel retailers deal with the revolution of retail brought by New Retail.

-The fast development of Southeast Asian textile industry.

-How apparel sourcing decision-makers come up with the best sourcing portfolio.

-The current development of the global textile and apparel industry.

-The new opportunities and challenges within China’s textile industry, digital supply chain, the new changes of China’s procurement market.

-The new technology challenges and industrial upgrading of textile and apparel production.

This forum comes at a pivotal time in the textile industry.  Due to this, it is meant to be a tool to enable those within it to thrive during a time of immense change and restructuring. Participants and speakers range from Wal-Mart Global Sourcing, to the China Chamber of Commerce, to the United States Fashion Industry Association. Click here to learn more about this unique event for industry professionals of all levels.

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