China Brand Show to Make Debut at ATSC

This Summer will mark Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada’s third consecutive year at the International Centre in Toronto. The show has made a name for itself because of its ability to bring both the domestic and international apparel industry under one roof; the first of its kind in the country.

Now, ATSC will enjoy the expansion from 40,000 to 135,000 square feet and the addition of product categories from general merchandise, electronics, home textiles, novelties, leather and more. But, that is not the only new addition to the August show. It was just announced that The China Brand Show will be making its debut at Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada.

The China Brand Show

The China Brand Show held its first state-side show in 2002 in Las Vegas, which was administered by the Ministry of Commerce of China. The organization hand-picked 200 Chinese businesses to showcase their goods to eager importers. In addition, the product categories spanned across: household items, home electronics, high-end gifts and handicrafts, furniture, ceramics, sanitary ware, footwear, luggage, stationery, sporting goods, leisure products, plastic products, and environmentally friendly packaging. In short, the show was originally designated as a place in which China could show the new and improved quality that the “Made-in China” imparted on goods.

China Takes Toronto

The China Brand Show has enjoyed much success in the U.S cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. With the unique and diverse population of Toronto, it is believed to only further that success. Within the show, they will enjoy around 3,200 square feet of floor space. In fact, there will be over 100 Chinese companies and 150 booths. Their expansive product categories in the space will cover a unique range of goods and further prove their improved manufacturing capabilities.

This will be an unprecedented opportunity for attendees to get acquainted with brands that would normally be possible only with a $2,000 plane ticket and international travel. Apparel Textile Sourcing is continuously working to expand on its offerings, opportunities and participation in the show. This new addition of The China Brand Show is only evidence of that.

To register for free go here. And also check out other countries and brands participating!


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