Comin’ in Hot: Countdown to ATS-M

In a society where the fashion industry is oftentimes dismissed as a luxury, the power it holds can be forgotten. A market valued at 3 trillion USD, making up 2% of the world’s GDP, has the ability to impact not only our outfit choices, but also the global, cultural and economical landscapes. With this notion in mind, Apparel Textile Sourcing’s expansion to Miami is projected to reignite the fashion flame in the city, while creating countless opportunities for industry professionals, domestically and internationally. ATS-M will show the power a trade show has to revive an industry.

Home Field Advantage

 From a domestic standpoint, ATS-M will support and enhance the operations of Made in America businesses. We recognize the importance of the domestic manufacturing sector, and as millennials’ purchasing power increases, so does the demand for this type of product.

Rather than having to go out on the road in search of reliable vendors and collaborators, ATS-M will bring everyone together, building the foundation for a solid professional network, composed of businesses in a wide range of niches. This will also eliminate the common challenge, faced by many small businesses, of the inability to meet minimums required by vendors overseas, while dealing with the lack of domestic alternatives.

An International Affair

From an international perspective, the opportunity for growth is two fold, and lies in the re-establishment of Miami as both a creative fashion pod and a strategic location. Exposing non-American companies to the cutting edge, trend-forward work that is unique to Miami based designers, is a necessary step in forming a strong point of differentiation, and beating the competition from NYC and LA… Vendors will come for the Miami sun, and stay for the innovative product. This will also open the door to expanding the “Made in America” market outside of the country, making this desired label more lucrative than ever before.

ATS-M Will Deliver

Simultaneously, an increase in domestic awareness of the comparative advantages Asian and Latin American businesses hold, will allow American businesses to make educated decisions when building their supply chains.  Additionally, primarily domestic businesses will be given the opportunity to introduce an international component to their existing operations, which can create product diversification and greater efficiency in development through production.

Although market saturation has created many obstacles in business growth within the apparel industry, Apparel Textile Sourcing plans to take advantage of the abundance of resources and maximize their usage. By adding Miami to the industry’s trade show calendar, ATS-M is driving business into and within the country through the stimulation of a long dormant fashion industry in Southern Florida.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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