Istituto Marangoni brings Milan to Miami

What do Miami and Milan have in common? Attractive people, picturesque architecture, a general zest for life…and now a brand-new fashion institute. So, with that being said, Ciao and benvenuto to Istituto Marangoni! The famed Italian fashion school has opened its 10th location, first in the U.S, in Miami Design District. The Miami Herald explained it, “Imagine it kind of like Parsons — with an Italian accent.”

Istituto Marangoni

Before it was 10 campuses in cities such as Paris, London and Shanghai, the Istituto was merely a beautiful idea in Giulio Marangoni’s head.  In 1935, the eventual founder pondered the question of how younger generations would learn the art of fashion, and if they could at all? Believing in the spirit of the art and in those who were passionate about learning the craft, he opened the first Istituto Artistico dell’Abbigliamento Marangoni in Milan.

This was the first school of its kind in a city that was not yet renowned for fashion. Riding high on the haute couture designs of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, Paris was regarded as the epitome of fashion. Roberto Riccio, C.E.O. of Istituto Marangoni Group explained that Giulio believed in ability of Italy to make its mark in the industry. He elaborated, “We are surrounded by beauty. The beauty and aesthetics are the fundamentals of Istituto Marangoni’s philosophy.”

The power in visionaries is that they see hidden potential that others cannot see. Now, the Istituto is strong in 10 global cities and is praised for its high academic standards and celebrity alumni. In fact, they are the purveyor of may fashion trends. In addition, they boasts the names Domenico Dolce, Franco Moschino, amongst others,  as alumni.

Milan to Miami

Now the school’s newest challenge is holding true to their Italian values while implementing Miami’s DNA such as sustainability, modernity and innovation into the curriculum. In choosing Miami Hakan Baykam, president of the new school said,

“We were looking to create a new global fashion destination and selected Miami for its existing international allure and for its need for a firmly established fashion school. The city’s rapid growth in the design and art categories coupled with its accessibility to Latin America made it the perfect choice for us. Miami already has the groundwork for success, and we feel that a brand of Istituto Marangoni’s caliber will take the city to the next level.”

Traditionally, art and fashion schools are ranked based off the criteria: degree programs, famous alumni and location. So, what does this mean for a school of such caliber to create an institution in Miami? That it is the next big fashion destination of course.




Christine Duff

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