KenDor Textiles: Helping Businesses Weave Success with Custom Fabrics

KenDor Textiles has had its roots in Vancouver since the 1950’s with a mission of supplying quality fabrics and materials at a price no one could refuse. In addition to their passion for textiles, they also were committed to a company founded on the principles of “quality service, building relationships and integrity.” The visionaries behind the brand, Ken and Dorothy Gregson, started business and immediately saw themselves make a difference in the industry. Their biggest break was most notably when they supplied the Canadian apparel market with fabrics for the 1970’s leisure wear movement. Since then they have been supporting designers with their affordable prices on materials and services.


All the action takes place at the warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia, their specialty being sourcing custom fabric apparel designers and companies alike. KenDor has become a destination for companies in need of sourcing not just materials but services. Kendor can put its clients in contact with:

  • Production houses that make woven care labels for garments
  • Cut and sew facilities
  • Asian fabric mills
  • Sublimation printing on white polyester fabrics
  • Screen printing on cotton and cotton blends
  • Off-shore garment manufacturers
  • Deliverers of finished products

Brand Expansion

 In 2008 KenDor began sourcing from China with its vast marketplace of materials and fabrics. Through this they were able to import everything from textiles to finished garments for sale to the North American Market. Now, KenDor brings in product from around the globe, most particularly from Taiwan, Australia and Europe allowing them to be on the pulse of the latest trends. As a result of their great relationships with their partners they can cater to minimums as low as 300 yards, even for custom materials. Not only is KenDor bringing unique product to North American manufacturers, it now can ship its product sourced from Asia within Asia to its clients that do production abroad.

Commitment to Charity
KenDor Textiles is founded on helping others. Whether it’s helping a new business find the right factory at the right price, or aiding a brand locate the most sustainable cotton weave, they believe in empowerment. All things considered, it is not surprising that they are involved in bettering the local community. The largest recipient of their support is the Get Warm Project in conjunction the North Vancouver Scouts. This group distributes blankets with personal care items, treats and other goodies to those in need. In addition, KenDor has been involved with the Hugginz by Angel Foundation, which provides hand-sewn blankets to comfort children during their time in the hospital. Lastly, KenDor regularly donates to Our Social Fabrics, which recycles excess fabric from the local apparel industry.

KenDor is a company with heart and that is what has helped their success reach such great heights over decades. From their ability to source the best fabrics for their clients to connecting businesses with their partners, they have had their hand in creating success for others.

Want to know if KenDor Textiles can weave success from their fabrics and services, or want to get involved in the charities mentioned above? Check this out!

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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