Meet Testex: For Textile Testing and Certification

Switzerland conjures up images of white capped alps, rolling green hills and pristine waters; it is life in its purest form. It is here that Testex was founded. The Zurich-based textile testing and certification organization is committed to quality standards, sustainability and operating by their own core values.

Meet Testex 

In 1846, Textex opened its doors making it one of the oldest companies in Switzerland. It now employs hundreds of workers in its 20 offices around the world, but still maintains the same tradition as when it was first established by silk manufacturers.  Of course Swiss products are known for their, “precision, reliability, accuracy and quality;” all reasons why Swissness has been maintained as a Testex core value. In addition, they have maintained success due to their commitment to innovation and ability to add to and enhance their product and series line based on demand. Lastly, in a country full of natural beauty, it only makes sense that a proud Swiss brand would be committed to maintaining it through sustainability. They feel an inherent responsibility to the clients they work with and the people those brands serve, to deliver quality products that meet ethical standards.


Testex goal is to, “contribute in developing products which meet the growing demands of consumers, manufacturers, suppliers and the environment through the highest certification quality.” Their confidence to deliver this is due to their state of the art instruments used to perform these physical and chemical tests. Specifically, these processes are done on fibers, yarns, fabrics, knitwear, nonwovens and finished products. In addiction, these tests are all in line with the EN and ISO standards with laboratories accredited. These standards set for the range of tests Testex performs. These tests range from something as simple as the water and oil repellence of fabric to the UV protection and burning behavior of a child’s clothes. No doubt, this is when a companies trust and liability are of utmost importance. For a full list of services visit here.

From a small office in Basel in 1846 to now offices all over the world headquarters ranging from Europe, Asia and Oceana, Testex and their adherence to core values has made them the testing company to turn to. Marc Sidler, TESTEX Head of Marketing & Sales, stated it best when he said,

“Society’s increasing demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly textiles has put an end to the days of price being the sole, primary factor.  The consumer wants to know more about what they are wearing, like who made it, where’s it from, and how are those involved with producing it are treated.”

As a proud partner of Testex, ATSC is pleased to announce a Webinar set to run on June 7th from 8am-8:45am PST. Marc will discuss Testex and sustainability with regards to the Canadian apparel industry. Register here and learn more about Testex and the future of textiles.

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