Man Behind the ATS Brand: Jason Prescott

Less than a Week before the very first Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami (ATSM) finds Jason Prescott, founder and CEO of JP Communications and organizer of the Apparel Textile Sourcing shows, talking business with Jim Fried of Fried on Business.

The show, run by president of Sandstone Realty Advisors and on-air personality Jim Fried is a forum for, “business persons to talk business with each other” and Mr. Prescott took listeners through his journey. The one that started at a small led to directing a network of global trade platforms used for by millions of businesses and entrepreneurs, and being a published author and trade show producer.

Watch Jason’s segment which begins at the 16:45 minute mark here  on Facebook. 

From JPC to ATS

Jason Prescott founded JP Communications Inc. in 2005 at an impressive 25 years of age with the grand vision of facilitating international trade. But, this wasn’t the dream that the young Prescott had envisioned for himself since childhood or anything. Like many successful people before him, he more or less fell into it. That changed, while working for a trade publisher in Connecticut in 2000. Then, he realized the immense power and opportunity the industry held.

While running TopTen Wholesale, they acquired In 2010 at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas, a man approaches Jason Prescott at his booth and bluntly states, “I own and we’d like you to acquire us and be our CEO. Then tells him to come to China and work with him.

Success Came from saying, “Yes”

After taking the leap of faith and starting his journey with Prescott was approached again. This time, it was by the Director for China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export for Textiles and Apparel. Mr. Chen asked, “Why don’t you start a trade show?” Due to working in trade, Jason was nervous about losing his partners who also produce trade shows. After, being given a few reasons to reconsider, Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada Show had its debut in Toronto in 2016.

After massive success the past two years with ATSC, the team wondered where to next?

Started from the bottom now we’re…in Miami

When brainstorming where would be the second outpost for the ATS brand, the team asked, “Where do we want to go?” In which Jason fervently responded, “I want to go home!” That’s when it was decided a U.S destination would be the future. New York and Vegas were saturated, and Seattle and Denver were considered.

But then, a light shone on Miami. It was undeniable as it was a major gateway from the U.S to the rest of the world, particularly the Americas and the Caribbean. South Florida is continuing to experience migration and growth making it a valuable location for ATS.

And now, this May 21st-23rd will be the inaugural Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami show, which will have over 200 exhibitors, around, 17 different countries represented and thousands of attendees. Don’t miss out there’s still time to register for free here!

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