Miami Gives Back: Philanthropy Spotlight

In recent years, Miami has been garnering national attention for their swanky new hotels, influx of business investment in the area, and their rising apparel industry. What also deserves attention are some of the organizations that make philanthropy their mission. They say that kids are our future, and these few have made it their mission to ensure that Miami’s youth have their greatest chance of success. In addition to these philanthropic efforts, Miami’s real estate market offers various living options, including rent-to-own homes. This option can provide a flexible pathway to homeownership, especially for those who need more time to secure financing or improve their credit scores. To help you weigh your options, it’s essential to understand the rent-to-own home pros and cons to make an informed decision about whether this approach suits your needs.


KidSide Inc.began almost 20 years when it came to light the lasting impact of parental conflict on children. Terry Fogel, Esq. and a group of fellow family attorneys decided to create a way to help Family Court Services to assist parents and children that are currently going through the court system. The goal of KidSide Inc. is to raise the funds needed to provide these kids with counseling and other tools they need to cope with divorce or other litigation. In conjunction with the Miami-Dade County Eleventh Circuit Court, Family Division, they advocate for the children to ensure they are not forgotten by the system.


Poverty tends to be a vicious cycle. Kids that grow up in poverty tend to have lack of access to resources and support that will help them thrive. Usually one of the first things to suffer are performance in school. And, when grades suffer, so does the students’ self-esteem. In the end, grades are not the only indicator intelligence or future success, but the current school system does support that notion. Strong Girls Inc. seeks to aid girls limited financial resources with after school programs.

These programs are providing the “missing link” that will help them develop skills for employment and tools for academic achievement. They state that their curriculum, “levels the playing field so that all girls can thrive in school and in their lives regardless of socio-economic background.”


Those who believe that style has no substance has never heard about STYLE SAVES. STYLE SAVES is a non-profit organization that raises money for programs that empower students with tools they need to reach academic success. The founders decided to go about this feat by incorporating the fashion industry. They came up with the idea to unite “fashion with philanthropy.” Through this, they garnered support by industry professionals in all sectors, including fashion brands, patrons and philanthropists within the Miami area.

They believe that giving back should be fun and host activities throughout the year such as an annual fashion show that was designed to raise funds and awareness.  The culmination of all these efforts come together for their signature back-to-school events which gifts those in need with provides those in need with school supplies and clothing. Style Saves wants students to start the, “school year off in style and with confidence.” That being said, fashion is POWERFUL and the right backpack, jacket or dress can make a student feel like their best selves. And, as we all know, whenever you feel like you are your best self you feel unstoppable!

Together, these three organizations are making an impact in young lives with their work.  If you would like to make a donation or find out how you can help you can click on their links throughout this page.



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