ATSC: Artisan Hub Presented by TFO

Get registered, create your itineraries and start scheduling those meetings. The clock is ticking since in less than a month you’ll be meeting us at the International Centre in Toronto. Over 300 booths are set to feature their works and speakers are set to take stage and share their expertise with attendees. There is no event that will enable business to business partnerships to be made domestically in Canada like this. The second year of Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada will be unparalleled as TFO has announced some of the companies they partnered with for showcase in the Artisan Hub.

TFO Canada has been instrumental expanding the reach of trade with international partners. This is why TFO has partnered with ATSC. Through the trade show platform, artisan companies from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Lesotho, Madagascar, Nepal and Uganda will be present. For many, this is the opportunity of its nature to make connections with international markets. TFO has been working to assist in the economic development of Least Development countries such as the aforementioned. Those in the Artisan Hub range from small to medium enterprises who are hoping to grow their businesses with Canadian partners like you. For the first time, you as a buyer, importer, distributor, designer, or retailer will be able to experience these fine goods up close and personal. These hand-made goods range from apparel, home textiles & fashion accessories.

This not just an opportunity for artisans from around to gain exposure, but for the Canadian apparel industry to be able to source from home. All things considered, if you are in the apparel industry or looking to break into it, ATSC is a resource for you. Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada is coming your way, bringing it all together in one place, and ready to give you the competitive edge. That being said, we will see you August 21st-23rd. If you haven’t registered already visit us here. Revisit our e-blast for a list of Artisan Hub showcases with links to learn more.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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