The Countdown is on to ATS-C 2018!

They say that, “There’s no rest for the wicked.” In reality, there’s no rest for the Apparel Textile Sourcing team. On the heels of their success from the inaugural ATS-Miami, Jason Prescott, the and team have poured a few celebratory drinks, but have mostly poured their efforts back into the third ATS-C in Toronto, Canada. 

ATS-C- Three Years in the Making 

A little over three years ago it dawned on the them that that a country as expansive as Canada, lacked a trade show for apparel. Not only is Canada a large country in the physical sense, but also in a cultural one. Toronto, the show’s home, is inhabited by people of 700 different cultures. In addition, it is the second largest business city in North America, which allowed great opportunity for the first ATS trade show.

Now, ATS-C is the, “largest, biggest and only” textile and apparel sourcing show in the country. This year ATS-C it is growing in every aspect. Through a contract with international organizers, ATS-C will expand its product offerings to: general merchandise, electronics, home textiles, novelties, leather and more. Previously the exhibitors, although extensive, were limited to goods surrounding apparel. This has opened up the floor, all puns intended, to the entire B2B sector. 

Source International

This year, the opportunity to source materials and product from the international market, will be unparalleled. The China Brands Show will make its debut at ATS-C in August due to a partnership with the Ministry of Commerce of China. Attendees can expect 200 hand-picked Chinese businesses eager to showcase their imports to potential buyers. 

In addition, the Indian Pavilion is seeing an exponential increase. Last year, India enjoyed representation at the show due to a partnership with TFO Canada. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the Canadian government has been working in conjunction with the South Asian nation to create a free trade agreement between the two countries. That being said, India’s business with Canada will only see an increase in years to come, which will be evident at ATS-C. 

This year’s growth will be seen through the aforementioned factors, but also in a physical space. The trade show space has grown from 40,000 in its first year to 135,000 square feet of space to accompany the expected 5,000+ attendees at the August show. We can’t wait to see what this year will hold, along with seeing all of you at the show. The countdown is on, don’t forget to register today! 

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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