Canadian Apparel Federation x ATSC

At the Apparel Textile Sourcing Show- Canada, seminars are held on everything from sustainability, to influencers, to governmental issues. This August 20thfrom 1-2pm the Canadian Apparel Federation will highlight Canada’s trade policy update by CAF’s executive director Bob Kirke.

Canadian apparel federation x ATSC

The Canadian Apparel Federation is determined to grow Canada’s international trade sector as well as growing the Made in Canada movement. They believe that, “Information and fashion go hand in hand in today’s market.”Without the proper tools, apparel brands are unable to get into the right markets at the right time and the right place. CAF wants to ensure that Canadian companies become successful and essential players in the global marketplace.

At the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada show, Canadian Apparel Federation’s Bob Kirke will be going in depth into one of the hottest topics across not only apparel, but all industries-  trade. Trade speculation, changes, updates and issues are run through the media day in and day out. But, how does that apply to the industry on a macro level and also a micro level? These issues will be brought to light with rhetoric regarding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). In addition, other free trade agreements including NAFTA’s re-negotiation will be on the agenda.

Bob Kirke has been the Executive Director of CAF as well as the National Trade Association for the Apparel Industry, for 23 years. So, it is with great passion and knowledge that he will be speaking on some of the most pertinent topics to our industry today.

Bob’s base in the nation’s capital of Ottawa has given him a constant barrage of exposure to the ins and outs of Canadian fashion market. We can’t wait to hear him speak on trade, government regulations, and much more. This is a do not miss event as Mr. Kirke is regarded as, “THE Authority on Canada and Apparel.”

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